Q1 ending 30th June Q2 ending 30th September Q3 ending 31st December Year ending 31st March
FY 2011-2012
FY 2012-2013
FY 2013-2014
FY 2014-2015
FY 2015-2016
FY 2016-2017


• We follow financial year from 1st April to 31st March. So FY 2015-2016 will mean, Financial Year starting 1st April 2015 and ending 31st March 2016.

• Until December 2010 we followed year ending December 2010. From 1st April 2011, we switched to year ending 31st March 2011. Thus we have an interim financial report for the period 1st January 2011 till 31st March 2011.